Video Editing Job in Patna. No Interview Call Now.

Video editing jobs in patna

Video Editing Job in Patna for Video Editor. This is best job of video Editing in Patna to edit video and get paid for edit Profession Video.

Hello friends today, I am going to provide you a best video editing jobs in Patna. Part time video editing jobs or full time video editing jobs in Patna.

Many type of video editing jobs are available in Patna Bihar. But this jobs for video editing which I am going to provide you is very very best.

Because in this editing jobs are to short timing jobs within a day

I mean to say there is not fix time to work like, nine (9) hours or Ten 910) hours a day. Its’s just based on video ‘s ….one/two videos per day.

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Jobs Description.

Jobs are available for video editor. Those man can apply who knows how to edit video on adobe premiere or any more software of video editing.

In this editing jobs. You have to edit video on software was provided through companies.

You can also edit video on your way which path you are expert. In way you know as well as very good editing skill.

maximum video you have to edit for YouTube video.

company will provide you primary video on the daily basis and you are responsible to edit professional video for companies.

Now Let’s Know about Company Details, Job Details and Salary also job timing.

Company Details

Company has a cooking training center. It has also YouTube channel for online cooking training.

Through company makes video for YouTube channel on the daily basis for his customer and YouTube viewers.

so its’ why company want to hire video editor who can make a professional video for YouTube channel.

You don’t have to record video. company will be provide you recorded primary video to edit and also guide about video for how to edit video.

Company contact.

1 Company YouTube channel ( ….)
2 Services Cooking training
3 Job Part/full Time
4 Salary Depend on Your Skill in video Editing
5 Address  A.G. Colony Patna.
6 Mob. no. 7677280256 / 7004853039
7  owner name Sujit Sinha



Company will be pay you for your work. But you have to clear your interviews first.

I mean to say depend on Your projects that how your skill in editing.

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any body can apply or call for this jobs who know how to edit video on computer software and must necessary should know how to use basic computer/


there is not fix project because company will be deliver one or two video daily on youtube so your work are same.

Depend on you what time have been taken to edit by you.

Whishes :-

I would like to say very-very good luck for you and your career in video editing file.

Top 10 College Best College in Patna Bihar.

Top 10 College in Patna

Top 10 Best College in Patna Bihar. Its general best College list in Patna on the base of Popular College of Patna. Patna best college in Details for best college in Patna.

Its all University are not Particular define for Education, Syllabus, Degree, etc. Following college list are only based on current Ranking Number of College in Patna 10 Best College list in Patna Bihar.

You can get All Details about it’s all college from College councilor to call college help line number.

1. Patna Science College

1 College Patna Science College
2 University Patna university
3 Address Ashok Rajpath, Patna,
4 State Bihar
5 Pin-code   800005
6 Mob. 06126453577
7 Instagram @DigitalSath

2. Patna medical college

1 College Patna medical college
University Patna University Campus 
3 Address Ashok Rajpath Road, . Patna
4 State Bihar
5 Pin-code 800004
6 Mob. 06122300343.
7 Instagram @DigitalSath
8 YouTube Digital Sath
9 Website


3. Patna women’s college

1 College

Patna Women’s college

2 University …………
3 Address Baily Road, Patna
4 State Bihar
5 Pin-code 800001
6 Mob. 06122531186
7 Instagram @DigitalSath
8 YouTube Digital Sath
9 Website

4. Magadh mahila college

1 College  Magadh Mahila College
2 University
3 Address  North Gandhi Maidan, Patna
4 State Bihar
5 Pin-code  800001
6 Mob. 06122219454
7 Instagram @DigitalSath
8 YouTube Digital Sath
9 Website

5. Anugrah Narayan College

In Patna the popular or famous college is A.N. College for many type of courses. and A.N. College Full form name is Anugrah Narayan College.

Anugrah Narayan College is famous by A.N. College in Patna for Intermediate, Degree, Post Degree etc. courses.

1 College  Anugrah Narayan College
2 University
3 Address Boaring Road, SriKrishnapuri, Patna
4 State Bihar
5 Pin-code 800013
6 Mob.  06122540482
7 Instagram @DigitalSath
8 YouTube Digital Sath
9 Website

6. L.N.Mishra College of       Business Management

1 College L.N.Mishra College Of Business Managment
2 University
3 Address Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Baily Road, Patna
4 State Bihar
5 Pin-code 800001
6 Mob. 06122505200
7 Instagram @DigitalSath
8 YouTube Digital Sath
9 Website


7. National institute of Technology Patna

1 College  National Institute of Technology 
2 University
3 Address Ashok Rajpath, Mahendru, Patna
4 State Bihar
5 Pin-code 800005
6 Mob. 06122371715
7 Instagram @DigitalSath
8 YouTube Digital Sath
9 Website


8. College of commerce


1 College College of commerce
2 University Patliputra University
3 Address Kankarbagh, Patna
4 State Bihar
5 Pin-code 800020
6 Mob. 06122350136
7 Instagram @DigitalSath
8 YouTube Digital Sath
9 Website


9. Bihar national college

1 College  Bihar National College
2 University
3 Address Near Gandhi maidan, Ashok rajpath, Patna
4 State Bihar
5 Pin-code 800004
6 Mob. 06122300619
7 Instagram @DigitalSath
8 YouTube Digital Sath
9 Website


10. Aryabhatta knowledge University

1 College Aryabhatta Knowledge University
2 University  …………
3 Address Chankya national law University Campus, Near mithapur bus stand
4 State Bihar
5 Pin-code 800001
6 Mob. 0612236270
7 Instagram @DigitalSath
8 YouTube Digital Sath
9 Website


In all Colleges You can get Admission in different course which is provided by college. all College has own syllabus and structure for Process of different type of Program in his college.

How to fix App not Installed Problem from 3 Step

Android Phone is great and you can make it more enjoy seamless Smartphone by Installing Apps in you mobile. But some case you have to face this type of problem, App not Installed. so why, Today we see how to fix App not Installed Problem 100 % in Android Phone.

Not Installed Problems come in your phone due to many type of problem that are given below. Just follow to know that is the reason of that.

Note :- not Install un necessary application in Your phone from unwanted browser or any browser and search engine. Install app only from Play-store. You can install after fully conformation.

Fix app not installed problem in 3 Step

Follow these three step to fix App not Installed Error in Your mobile phone or Pc and tab. It is very easy to fix this type of problem in problem. You can also watch On YouTube


Mostly its error give in your mobile phone because. there is not enough space in your android phone to install that app or application. because may be app file is too large and enough space are not available in Your mobile phone.

So, Please Delete some thing from Your phone for free space and Install app in extremal Memory then you you will never this problem.


When You Installed Un-necessary Application then android phone isn’t allow to install that app due to security. yet you can installed after allow. You can allow security permission to go into Play-Store Setting security permission. ” Google Paly Protect” Setting.

After then You can easily install that app in your phone and do your work from that app without any more problem.


And Final Step Your problem is not solved yet then take this Step go to your mobile setting and re-set your Mobile setting. Always Remember you have to reset your mobile setting. Don’t Reset your mobile. Never do this apply the process of resetting your mobile setting from to go mobile setting.

Patliputra University Exam 2020 BA BCOM and BSC

Patliputra University examination date

Patliputra university Examination 2020 BA BCOM and BSC for session Year 2019-22.

Patliputra university declare Examination form filling date and Ppu exam 2020 in march 2020. Lets know what is the examination date and form filling date Form applying date  Ppu exam 2020 of Part 1 examination form will be induct to apply for all stream from 12-03-2020 to 25-03-2020. Ppu Part 1 examination will be start from 03-04-2020

Patliputra University Registration for 2019-2020 for UG PG & PMC

Hello Friends Good Morning This blog is only for that Students who are currently in Graduation or Post Graduation in Patliputra University Registration for 2019-2022 for UG PG & PMC.

In this article we know the Commencement of Registration Last Date of Registration & Last Date of Registration with late fine and more like course course fee, Applicable, Category/Gender, fees, migration, Migration Fee.

Patliputra University Registration Date/ Form Apply date or last date      

The Registration of Patliputra University for Following Course for the session 2019-2022 commence from 13.02.2020

  1.   {UG} Under Graduation (Regular)
  2.   {UG} Under Graduation (Vocational) & BLIS
  3.  {PG}  Post Graduation (Regular & Vocation)
  4. {PMC} Para Medical Courses

Watch this on YouTube

The following Schedule shall be followed for the above said Registration Date for new and first time Registration Date Commencement of Registration:- 13-02-2020 Last Date of Registration : 18-02-2022 Last Date of Registration with late fine : 23-02-2022    

See Following chart in details to understand better.

Late fine for all Course of Ppu 

Now its all are, who is given in following are applicable for this Registration Process. It is only for late Students.

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You will be get much more Help from this website of Technology, Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, Education, Business etc.

How to Download Registration Slip and Registration payment Slip.

Registration Slip and Registration Payment slip require for apply examination form from Patliputra University. Way to Download 

If you get any problem in this process of PpU then must Write your problem comment box. I will try my best to solve that problem. 

University Patliputra University
Category Under Graduation Exam
Session 2019-2022
Regarding Registration
Registration Slip Click here
Registration Payment Slip Click here

Patliputra University has decided to take examination for following course. If you are belonging from this course then you must have to read this article and ppu examination form apply.

If you already has applied this form then you do not need to apply again Just follow all instruction. and Prepare for your examination of University.

Notes :-

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How to fix Disappearing Effects Pack in Filmora 9 [trick]

how to fix disappearing effects in filmora 9

How to fix Disappearing Effects Pack from Filmora 9. WonderShare Filmora9 is a Free and paid version best Video editing software.

Wonder share filmora Provide some effect for video sound like transaction effect, text effect, overlay effect, element but its not enough to make professional video .

If You are using wonder share filmora video editing software then you must have Installed filmora effect to make best video. Its available for sometime in your pc or laptop while you don’t fix it.

So this why we will see today how to fix disappearing effect in filmora latest version for all Personal Computer or Laptop.

How to fix Disappearing Effects Pack ? – Follow this step to fix.


how to fix disappearing filmora9 effects packs

After 6 step you have to just one thing. in the last box no.6 You can see the three .json file that is the main to fix disappearing efeect.

Now Follow some more step.

  • Right click on .json file and go to property option or open it.


And now check mark on Read-Only check mark box then Apply or ok.

finally you done it the Problem of how to fix disappearing effects pack is now fixed. You don’t have to do more effects fix. It will be for life time of software.

Do you know what, what is the best way to fix disappearing effects pack of filmora 9 latest or more latest version of filmora video editing software is a lot of and we know all but not now in next article.

If you want to know best video editing software for free then you must have to read this article.

Best video editing software for free  amazing video editing software are available to edit video just you have to read that article to know.

and finally i just want to say if you like this blog article post. please subscribe like and share with your friends Thank you.

Best Computer Courses in Demand to Get Jobs Easily

Top 5 most popular  computer course for you, which will gives you high salary jobs after complete this courses.

Students must like this fast growing computer course. which is given below and it’s all computer courses are valuable and Respective. Because it’s return high value or respect in their field. its give high Salary jobs in India according their knowledge. Jobs are ever Increasing everyday in India.

Computer Everyone know about some Computer course like DCA or Tally, but they Do not know about most popular Computer courses who can give return benefit in their life. let’s know all about that courses Best computer course for you.

List of Computer Courses

  1. Software and Programming Language :-

One of the best course to go in Information Technology (IT) field. in this courses students should have to study Computer Programming Language sound like HTML,C,C++,JAVA, JavaScript, PHP, PYTHON and more.

who can do :

BSC IT, BCA, MCA, Computer science (CS) and more related. Students can do and they can make their best life in this IT field. You can go for to do it NIT / IIT /etc.

After Complete this courses you will get high salary job in multi national company with all faculty. In India these courses has highly demand for different type of companies.

2.Cyber security courses :-

There is many way to do wrong work online, called hacking. White hat hacking or Black hat hacking are different way but both are equal. If someone take your information without inform you or of another person then its call back hat or with information white hat hacking.

Many companies Hire Hacker to save their Personal information/Details/business or company Details from Black hat hacker. which (White and black Hat ) is comes under Cyber Security.

In Cyber Security you will learn how to save details/Information from hacker online. There is no any rule in this course.

3.Designing courses :-

when you are talking about Designing courses then i would like to tell there is many type of designing courses. like Web, Graphic, Interior, Fashion, Bachelor Designing course and many more courses are available to do in Designing field.

4.Diploma courses :-

Diploma is a short terms courses in market many type of Diploma Courses are available to do in short time and in this courses has good scope in future. let’s know about at least some courses.

  • Diploma in Accounting:- Diploma in Accounting is a one of the best courses in the world. Because it is daily work based course ( I mean in course has daily use in daily life or company). Popular courses under Diploma in Accounting are DCA, ADCA, Tally, Busy etc.
  • And much more Diploma courses to do like, Designing, Graphic Designing, Digital marketing, Textile Design, Animation, Product Design, Communication, etc.

5. VFX and Animation :-

These course deals with topic Visual effects in sufficient place, 3D Technology Designing, animation, Auto Designing etc. These comes again and again popular in Digital filed to make best and keeping number no.1. Its all VFX and Animation increase on Demand of client or service or products.

You all already to about VFX and Animation. If you don’t know about VFX and animation, VFX and animation software are mostly use in movies, video, short film, etc.

To Edit in film of any scenes like Splitting or joining Part of movies script. and Plus additional effects for great look in movies location.

If you think to do Computer Course then you can go for these . These Computer  course has great future and it can return you money. So don’t hesitate and go direct.

free video Editing Software for PC Windows mac & Linux

video editing, video editing software

Hello Friends today we know top and most popular free video Editing software for Pc and laptop and windows also mic and Linux. and its all are seo friendly and responsive for commercial.

There is a lot of free Video Editing software are Available on net but they not responsive and if you install that software then you have to face problem like this- No response on that video. Never be in ranking and more….

(Note :- If you want to more Article like this then please take Subscription on this website it’s totally free just enter your email and all notify or post your comment)

Open Shot

Open-Shot is one of the best free video Editing software for windows mac and Linux. If you are going to use this then great because of it has multi talented ( I mean multi advance feature).

          •  It is very easy to use interface for new video editor or video maker for his own services or product.
          • Its open source for all Editor new and old
          • Great Use forum because a lot of person are already using this free video editing software for his service or product for commercial usages.

Video Pad

Video Pad Free Video Editing software for Pc is only for Windows and Mac users and it has also multiple feature or option. Video pad video editing software has a wonderful video format to make best quality video and it has also support a wide range of video format for video timeline.

Very Easy to Install or Use and simple to understand all feature or option of video pad. Its all feature makes Great free video Editing Software of Video Pad.

  • Easy to Install and use.
  • Supports a wide range of video format to make best video for for video timeline
  • Best video quality Exports
  • option to choose video quality for your services
  • Direct share video on YouTube. file and more place..

Free Make Video Converter

Free make Video converter in only for Windows Operating System But i has lots of feature. Everyone knows this, Maximum person want to use Windows operating system because windows operating system is very easy to use for every one.

  • supporting input format is very high.
  • timeline support capacity is very High.
  • Very Easy to every video editing option like effects, transition, Title, media timeline and more…
  • Easy to Input or Export media file into video format.
  • Export in Different quality

Movies maker

Movies maker Free Video Editing Software for Personal Computer for Windows Operating System User. When you listen movies maker video then you think so its great for video editing because it is clarify to Topic from name itself.

And Movies maker video Editing software really Great because i use it personally for my YouTube Video. I Edit my all YouTube Video before upload on YouTube after Record and I get good response from YouTube Search Engine.

so You can also go for it. It is not so easy but Easy you can understand it’s all feature or option

a particular time to use of this software. You will be understand this in easy way.

VSDC Free video Editor

It is only for Windows user but its very simple and easy to use. a non-educated person can easily use this software without facing any problem.


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