Best Custom thumbnail Size for YouTube videos to increase videos and subscribers on YouTube. Increase your YouTube  revenue by getting views on your videos after uploaded Thumbnail on YouTube videos.

What is YouTube Thumbnail.

YouTube Thumbnail is a image poster that is describe about video which type of video you had uploaded on YouTube. Custom Thumbnail has great power if you made attritive thumbnail for YouTube Video. It will be increase Your views and Subscribers on YouTube. YouTube Thumbnail can make you rich on YouTube.

What is YouTube Custom thumbnail size?

YouTube Thumbnail size is 640 & 360 Pxl. and 1280 & 720 Pxl. but YouTube Thumbnail Size is 1280 & 720 Pxl. It has more, It is perfect for YouTube video Quality.

If you are making first time YouTube channel and this is your first video on YouTube then you have to verified first your youtube channel to upload thumbnail.

How to verify YouTube Channel?

To Upload custom thumbnail on YouTube. You have to verify your YouTube channel first with your mobile no. then you will be get option to upload your custom thumbnail on YouTube.

Upload Custom Thumbnail on YouTube videos.

After verify your YouTube channel You can easily upload Your Custom Thumbnail on YouTube. During uploading video or after uploaded video.

Benefits of thumbnail image

Thumbnail Image is very import for youtube video and youtube because. Thumbnail of your video express about your video content. mostly people view video to see thumbnail of video.

This is why YouTube channels get views and subscribers on YouTube. People want to see their videos on youtube.

How video we should make for YouTube.

This is the good question how video we should make for youtube. I suggest to make video on youtube In that category, you are the expert. Because staying here for a long time would be helpful.

YouTuber Want to earn money more from YouTube, It’s why I am telling this always remember for YouTube creators More views means more money.

More ideas mean more money. Never divert attention from your channel to your audience. Make videos in the category that viewers want

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