How to Hide subscribers count on YouTube.  In this article we know how to hide youtube subscriber on YouTube with live proof on YouTube Channel. Lets started how to hide youtube subsceriber on youtube.

YouTube Subscribers is very important to rank videos on youtube channel. To get youtube engagement on youtube videos to increate views or subscribers. you should have to hide youtube subscribe.

how to Hide your YouTube subscribers count.

1 First Sign in to youtube channel. Open your youtube account or youtube channel by clicking your profile picture or youtube channel logo.

youtube studio


Here will show a number of related setting but you have to go for or choose YouTube studio setting from the open list.

2 Now you will be redirect on your youtube channel managing dashboard where you can see many option to manage your channel like Dashboard, Videos, Playlist, Analysis, comments, setting, monetization, audio library etc.

youtube channel setting studio, setting, channel subscriber count

Top on setting and followed to channel and Advance Setting option to go on Display the number of people subscribed to my channel.

Hide YouTube subscribers count on YouTube :- If you want to hide your youtube channel subscribes then you need to uncheck “Display the number of people subscribed to my channel” box.

Show YouTube subscribers count on YouTube :- On right Check mark of display the number of people subscribed to my channel“. It will be shown your YouTube channel Subscribers on YouTube. Viewers can now see your youtube channel subscriber how many you have.

Why we need to Hide YouTube subscriber on YouTube Channel

There is many things to do this but I’ll tell you some because it will help you to grow your youtube channel and channel revenue on youtube for youtube video creators.

  • Some of viewers thinks, This creators don’t have experience on YouTube.
  • viewers don’t want to believe on starting creators of YouTube.
  • They thinks, he can’t be deliver valuable content on YouTube.
  • YouTube viewers want experience video content creators on YouTube.
  • many for reason to hide youtube subscribers count on youtube for youtube video viewers.



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