If You want to become a Professional Hacker after learn all hacking Programming language. So, In this article You will Know how to become a hacker to hack many type of needs.

Type of Hacker

There is three type of Hacker in this world.1) white hat hacker. 2) black hat hacker 3) gray hat hacker. but all hacker had learn almost same programming course to hack.

  1. white hack hacker :- White hat hacker comes under legal hacking process who never steal any date without permission. white hat hacker also protect company date, privacy, personal details etc. from another hacker.
  2. Black hat hacker :- Black hat hacker is just like white hacker but the work of black hat hacker is different, Black Hat Hacker Hacked Other’s Detail Without Asking. It is very risky. In this, if you are caught by hacking other’s details, then you can also be jailed.
  3. Gray Hat Hacker :- The Gray Hat Hacker works together with both the White Hat Hacker and the Black Hat Hacker. Many type of company hired this type of hacker to save his company from another hacker.

What coding to learn to become professional hacker

Now we are talking about coding what coding should learn to become a professional hacker. There is many way to hack and hacking can possible be with manual, computerize software and coding.

Minimum skill needs to be hacker 

  1. Basic of Computer :-  You must have some basic computer knowledge to be hacker because in hacking process, You have to do so many type of work on different type of computer or location.
  2. Kali Linux Skill :-  Kali Linux is a computer operating system sound like windows operating system. All Hacking process only be possible on Kali Linux operating system. All Hacker use Linux to hack something because without Kali Linux Operative System (OS) hacking never possible like on Windows, HP etc. operating system (OS).
  3. Networking :-  Never forget about Networking skill in Hacking because in Hacking primary requirement tools come from networking. It has big role in hacking without networking skill you never hack. for example :- What is USB, Pen Drive, Hub, Router, etc.
  4. Coding Skill :- without coding Hacking never possible because coding is everything in hacking for all hacker.  To become a professional hacker You should have knowledge about all coding But Minimum Skill to become hacker is Dos CMD, HTML & HTML5, C, C++, python, etc.



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