YouTube is a one of the best earning platform now. where, You can earn money from many way. It’s i am going to tell you how to make money from YouTube. 

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how to earn money from youtube


Everyone know about YouTube but in which way ! They know only YouTube and they use YouTube only for Entertainment purpose.

Do you know what?

YouTube is a Second largest Search Engine in India and most are people are spend time on YouTube in watching Video in different category such like Entertainment, Education, Technology, Music, dancing and more category.

youtube se paisa kaise kamaye. youtube revenue

We can Earn Money million of dollar from YouTube by Uploading video on the regular bass

How to Earn money from YouTube?

1.Step :- Create a Account on YouTube

Create a Account on YouTube or sign Up in YouTube with your email account ( You need email account for be a creator) Its all process called creator works.

2.Step :- Choosing Best channel Name and Category.

Choose a best name and Category for your YouTube channel. Hints:- Choose your YouTube channel name Related Category.

3.Step :- Make Video

To earn money from YouTube. You have to make Video in best quality and have to upload on YouTube Related your Category to help other person or seeker.

4.Step :- Make a Best Thumbnail in HD.

Make Best Quality Thumbnail. Thumbnail should be attractive and Clearly define your topics. You can make thumbnail in the following size as you wish like 640*360 and 1280*720. this is the best YouTube thumbnail size. Notes :- How to make HD quality Thumbnail for YouTube.

5. Step :- Title, Tag and Description.

Write Title, Tags and Description in Your YouTube video in the uploading time to reach your video most of person.

Title:– write search able title of Your video that is easy to find and readable.

Tags:- Tag like Keyword and Keyword has very important role in search Engine, Its help you in search engine optimization. for example some search “How to Earn money from YouTube ” Then here How to earn money from YouTube is a Keyword and its help to find my video and article.

Descriptions :- write about your video in Description to know seeker which type of your video. It is also help in SEO. You can write there more Information like you can call you subscribe for do other work like follow me on Instagram @amlesh2k, Facebbok@amlesh2k Twitter@amlesh2k etc.

6. Step :- Subscriber and Watch Time.

YouTube has some criteria So, you must have to follow before start earning money from YouTube that is on your YouTube channel You complete 1,000 Subscriber and 4,000 hours watch time under one year.

7. Step :- Apply for AdSense.

Watch on YouTube :- Google AdSense new update

After complete YouTube criteria you have to apply for AdSense for your YouTube channel video where Ads will be run and You will Earn.

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