Hello YouTuber In this video I am going to show You how to manage channel permissions of YouTube and give permission some one to manage your YouTube channel like Editor or manager of Your YouTube Channel.

It is very important for all YouTube content Creators because on a time you have to hire some one to manage or edit Your YouTube Channel.

You can’t give prime email id or YouTube Channel account to manage or edit your YouTube video or YouTube channel.

So, You need to give Particular permission to use to access your YouTube channel and they can easily manage or edit your YouTube channel without any harm.

It has plus point that is, If you give some permission to any user to edit or manage then they can’t be able to harmful Your channel like, they can’t delete Your YouTube Channel etc.

How to manage channel Permissions in YouTube

To manage your YouTube Channel permissions you have to follow these step. It is very easy to give some tools permissions like manager or editor etc. Let’s see.

  • Go to Your YouTube channel then YouTube Studio.
  • Now go for YouTube Setting through YouTube Studio.
  • Under Setting click on permission tab and invite people by putting email-id.
  • Select invited person role what role for you are inviting manager, editor etc.
  • final step when they accept your invitation then they can access you YouTube Channel.

Now you relax because your manager or editor will be manage your YouTube channel or YouTube Studio setting for YouTube.

Note :- Don’t invite some one for “owner” because they can harmful you and your YouTube Channel.

They delete channel and also remove you to access your own YouTube Channel and after that You can’t do anything.

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