In India first Launched a Laptop Charging Power Bank which name is Enlappower whose capacity 20000 mah Battery. Best Laptop Charging Enlap power bank in India

Enlap Power

Enlappower bank has been already launched in India. The process to charge laptop from enlap power bank is USB. Through USB can charge your laptop anywhere, any time, any place on the earth.

Enlap Power Bank  laptop Charger Capacity

Enlap Power Bank is a first India laptop charging power bank with 20000 mah battery for different laptop and mobile device. You can charge many type of laptop and many type of mobile phone.

Best power bank for laptop and mobile phone ( Enlap power bank )

From Enlap Power Bank, You can charge three device in one time. with which Enlap power bank you can charge so many laptop, here some laptop example;- mac book. mac book pro, mac book apple, Ms surface pro, Dell, XPS 13 ,  HP spectre, X360 etc.

You can also charge your 3 mobile phone device in one time like,. apple, sumsung, one+, google pix., nokia, real me, real me pro, etc.

Enlap Power Bank Price in India.

There is a lot of power bank available in India but this launched enlap power bank is great power bank whose Starting price in India Rs. 9,999 so far.

Best Power Bank for laptop in India.

Multiple power bank are available on E-commerce site or offline store but I chose Enlop Power Bank because. Enlap Power bank is India power Bank which capacity is 20000 mah and price 9,999 indial rupees.

Benefit of Enlap power Bank charger

So many benefit of Enlap Power Bank but we talk about some in following.

  • You can charge three (3 ) different device with Enlap Power Bank.
  • It has 20000 mah Battery.
  • We can charge Different type of laptop.
  • Also we can charge different Mobile phone from Enlap power Bank.
  • It has low price Rs. 9,999/- with all facility.
  • It has Three (3) Years warranty.


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