In this article, our focus is on how to create an Amazon Affiliate Account, as well as earning millions of dollars on Amazon online with Affiliate Commission based money. Let’s see how to do it.

Amazon affiliate account is the best way to earn money through Amazon associate program. Our focus in this article is on helping you create an Amazon affiliate account to make money online from home.

Amazon Affiliate or Associate Program

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce marketplaces in the world. It has a well-known program to provide commission-based income by advertising-related products.

Each can earn money through an affiliate or affiliate program. Many people are already doing affiliate marketing for affiliate income.

If you want to earn money, then you have to partner to join Amazon or create a partner account for referral or commission based earning.

How to make affiliate account ?

Creating an Amazon Affiliate or Associate Account is very easy. You just have to follow this step carefully. Do not do extra.

To receive your income from Amazon Company you must have an email ID account, proper home address and bank account details.


Open any save browser (Chrome) and type the Amazon affiliate account in the search bar area. Then you will get multi result but you have to click on Amazon Associates: – The best of the web. This way..

amazon associate program


Now open Associates : The webs’ most popular Programme and start earning money by clicking. You will get a new Amazon Dashboard or main account. Here you have to click on join now for Free. (See Right Hand Side in up area)

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Step-3 Click on Create a new account. Don’t click on Log-in otherwise you will face problem. first you have to create new Account on Amazon for Amazon Associate Account. like this..


Creating an Amazon Partner New Account. This is the main process of creating an associate or affiliate account. Here you have to enter your name and email address and strong password to access your account. (Do not enter a weak password) Include the password alphabet character one number symbol and the like.

 (Fill the all following details. It should be correct all personal details by proper guideline.)


After filling these options, click on Create your Amazon account, then you will get a verification code on the email address. To run your Amazon Partner account, you must verify your account.

Finally, we arrive at the Amazon Associate Account Form, here you have to fill some forms and always remember to fill the right address and name from the document at the time of filling the form.

Otherwise you would have faced a problem while transferring money from Amazon to your account. And your account may be closed.

After completing this form your Amazon Associate Account is a read to generate product. Now share the product and make money with Amazon Associate Account. You are now an Amazon Partner for Business.

Start Earning money

One of the best e-commerce marketplaces Amazon is here with you. Amazon has almost every product available on sale. You can share any product link to start earning with the affiliate program. I suggest choosing a niche to do affiliate marketing.

Amazon online shopping zone where multi international or national business men list their products or services to increase their online sales through Amazon online shopping.

Amazon has a tie-up with the shipping company that ships your product to your location. You can also sell products or services like Amazon Shoes online on Amazon, Amazon Dress, and more. Amazon has its own apps for customer convenience available on the Play Store. Many offers are increasing day by day like amazon sale offer, amazon sale today, amazon mobile offers etc.


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