YouTube Manager Jobs are provided by YouTube Creators. In YouTube Manager Job have to do Edit Video, making Thumbnail or doing SEO of Video

YouTube Manager Jobs are provided by YouTube Creators who does not manger their own channel then they decided to hire someone to manage my YouTube channel.

This way YouTube Partner manager Jobs are created. In YouTube Partner manager job you have to do some like this, have to mange YouTube Channel, Edit YouTube Video & Upload, Making Thumbnail & Upload Writing Title, Description & Tags Doing SEO for YouTube Channel etc.

There are two type of Salary in YouTube manager Jobs. YouTube Partner Manager Salary Based on Per Projects and monthly based Salary

For Example If you are doing Rs.500/- per project (In Project Including Editing, Graphic, Managing), your salary will depend on your project here it will work more project more money.

You can also go for On the basis of Salary a fix amount for a month and project may be multiple not fixed.

About YouTuber Ranker : YouTube Ranker helps YouTube video Creators to get more Subscribers and views in less time. This channel helps you to make your YouTube channel Successful in no time.

About me As a YouTube Manager Job Amlesh Kushwaha ( YouTube Partner Manager ) , Who have 5 Years experience of managing 30+ YouTube Channels and get them #1 in their niches, So This Channel is created to educate everyone about making a YouTube Channel Successful with my Tips and tricks along Best Practices on YouTube.

YouTube Ranker Covers Video and Tutorials Related to These Topics

– YouTube SEO & Tool

– Video making – How to Rank YouTube videos

– YouTube Tips and Tricks

– Keyword Researching

– YouTube SEO Courses

– Audience Retention and Engagement

– Google Trends for YouTube

– Make or Earn Money from YouTube

– Video and Thumbnail editing

Extra :- YouTuber Interview Video for new YouTuber to make best and grow on YouTube.

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