DigitalSath is a YouTube Channel for YouTube Creators which is stand to Educate all about YouTube like, YouTube tips and tricks, YouTube guidelines, YouTube copyrights, YouTube video editing, YouTube thumbnail editing etc. So we provide You YouTube online course for free.

Earn money on YouTube

If you want to make money on YouTube to do work form home as a part time and Full time then you must have to subscribe our YouTube channel “DigitalSath”

There is lot of way to make money form YouTube channel. Many personal already earning through YouTube Channel by making videos in different type of category according to interest.

You can also earn money from YouTube in simple and easy way. Just you have to follow our YouTube channel. Because once you join our YouTube Channel then You are our responsibility.

We will train you to earn money from YouTube for Free without any charge. It is a online courses of YouTube for free for You to make money from YouTube by home.

We will also provide you YouTube full tutorial for free in Your language for life time access. YouTube Online course is a great opportunity to learn about YouTube courses for free from home by nothing pay by “DigitalSath”.

Our services for YouTube Online course for free

You will learn all about YouTube. Our courses based on “W” and “H” method. ( “W”- what, why, who, which, whose etc. and “H”- How). Video editing and thumbnail tutorial courses are also included in our YouTube online course.

Topics which is cover in YouTube.

  • How to Start a YouTube Channel ?
  • How to create content on YouTube ?
  • YouTube Creators Category.
  • Guideline for Content Creators.
  • Tips and Tricks for YouTube videos Creators.
  • Way to Grow on YouTube ?
  • How to make money on YouTube ?
  • How to monetize YouTube channel with YouTube partner Program ?
  • YouTube partner program details.
  • AdSense monetization process.
  • Affiliate earning on YouTube.
  • Other income source on YouTube.
  • Increase YouTube income Tips and tricks
  • How to make video for YouTube.
  • How to make HD Thumbnail for YouTube.
  • YouTube channel and Video SEO?
  • AdSense Friendly Video Content on YouTube.
  • and many more.

Video editing for YouTube.

YouTube is Video sharing platform. making YouTube channel must have knowledge of video editing to make video for YouTube channel to earn money. Make professional video for YouTube Channel to earn money work from home. Always remember “more views or engagement Equal(=)  more money”.

It’s why we provide video editing for YouTube in Our YouTube online course for free for You. You can learn everything from here to earn money from YouTube channel.

You will be learn different type of video editing software on personal Computer (PC) or Laptop and Android mobile phone.

Topic we cover in video editing

  • Professional Video editing on PC and Laptop for YouTube Channel to create content.
  • Professional video editing for Android mobile phone for YouTube channel to make video content on YouTube.
  • Applying all type of Effects on video
  • changing video Background Step by Step
  • Removing Audio Background noise from video
  • Audio sound mixing
  • etc. on different software and apps.

Thumbnail for YouTube.

The role of thumbnail is very important on YouTube channel for YouTube video to rank on YouTube. It is also useful for video SEO, Impression, Click, engagement and much more.

What is perfect YouTube Thumbnail size for YouTube videos. Perfect size of image on video is definition of your topic of video which covered by You.


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