YouTube Monetization Very Bad Update 2021 || YouTube Monetization Roundup 2021

YouTube New monetization update is very bad update because now you have to complete three criteria to monetize your YouTube Channel.

🔴YouTube Subscribers criteria

1. 1K Subscribers :- To monetize your YouTube Channel, You must have to complete minimum 1000 subscribers on Your YouTube Channel because without complete this You can never apply for monetization of your channel it is a first criteria to monetize YouTube Channel.

2. 4K hours public watch time :- 4000 public hours watch time is a second criteria to monetize your YouTube Channel now a days because you can’t apply for monetization of your YouTube Channel without complete this criteria on your public video watch time. On Public Video watch time must should have 4000 hours watch time to monetize YouTube channel.

3. Strikes :- Zero (0) active Community Guidelines Strikes ( Ineligible if you have active strikes on the time to monetization. You could never apply for monetize with active community strikes But you can apply when active community strikes finished on your YouTube Channel.

Its only apply for community strikes not on copyright strikes.

What about Copyright Strike

If You have active copyright Strike during the monetization time after complete 1k subscribers and 4k public hours watch time on your YouTube Channel then You can easily apply for channel monetization.

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Because this new monetization ( active community guidelines strikes ) update criteria only apply for any type of active community guideline strikes on YouTube in the time of sending to monetize YouTube.

Copyrights doesn’t matter still in monetization of your YouTube Channel. So, cool and Don’t worry and go for and monetize your YouTube Channel and earn money Online.

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